Katherine Stange photo

Katherine Stange

University of Colorado

Research Interests

  • Elliptic curves
  • Kleinian groups
  • Algebraic divisibility sequences
  • Diophantine geometry
  • Arithmetic dynamics
  • Quadratic and hermitian forms


  • Ph.D in Mathematics

    Brown University

  • M.Sc. in Mathematics

    Brown University

  • B.Math

    University of Waterloo

Events Featuring This Speaker

The illustrated field diary of a mathematical naturalist

Grand Ballroom

Mathematics is a jungle: a jubilee of flowering plants and mysterious animals. The mathematician is a naturalist, describing the behaviours of whatever she encounters on her tours. With the advent of computers and modern technologies, the dispatches of the naturalist can now be illustrated in full colour. In my own travels, I’ve collected some illustrations that I hope will surprise and delight you. I’ll show you – in technicolour – some of the lesser-known antics of the inhabitants of the mathematical realm, including complex and rational numbers and the roots of polynomials.


Katherine Stange is a number theorist whose Areas of interest include elliptic curves, Kleinian groups, algebraic divisibility sequences, Diophantine geometry, arithmetic dynamics, and quadratic and hermitian forms. She is especially interested in cryptography, including elliptic-curve and isogeny-based cryptography and post-quantum lattice-based cryptography, as well as quantum algorithms, in part for the surprising way mathematical structures can have an outsize influence on human affairs. She enjoys problems that involve experimental, algorithmic, and especially visual mathematics, using a computer and other tools.